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Human Edge
The Competitive advantage of Wellbeing

A business platform that partners with key stakeholders to deliver Advocacy and Interventions to targeted groups of people.
Human Edge is your constant companion in your journey towards an anti-fragile life, maintaining & sustaining energy levels, building more meaningful relationships, utilizing your
maximum brain potential to achieve consistent high performance.
Learn how to “biohack” your way to the best version you can be, with Doc. M.

Just as Sachin Tendulkar, Mary Kom, Serena Williams, Andre Iguodala and many others, focus on their physiology to unleash their maximum output, you can do the same.
The Human Edge platform will help you and your people learn, build, and support habits that boosts your performance and raises your game.

“From James Cameron’s voyage to the depths of the Mariana Trench to Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon, Dr. Marcus Ranney paints an intriguing picture of how the human body responds and what it’s capable of under the most extreme conditions. Now more than ever, we need a new generation of young scientists who will continue to push back the boundaries of the unknown.”
Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus
Director-General, World Health Organization
“At The Human Edge, by Dr. Marcus Ranney, is not just a book for elite athletes looking to improve their performances, but a guide for all of us, to journey towards our “best self”. It inspires us to go beyond our perceived limitations and by doing so, to truly be alive and operate at our fullest potential.”
Jonty Rhodes
International Cricketer, Current Coach, Commentator, Traveller
“Work hard and live life to fulfill your own potential. In reading the words in this book, I hope future scientists, doctors, climbers and adventurers are inspired to push the boundaries of science further, to scale new heights of discovery and summit new peaks of achievement, creating a better world for the current and future generations. Falling in love with nature and the outdoors and this beautiful gift — the human body.”
Sir Chris Bonington
CVO, CBE, DL, British Explorer
“Congratulations, Marcus on this great book. After reading through the chapter on mankind’s potential journey to Mars, I now know, in gory detail, what would have really happened to me had my helmet popped off during one of my space walks on the International Space Station. Seems rather unpleasant! This book is a great read for anyone inspired to venture into deep space and understand the challenges that need to be overcome to put a human footprint on the Red Planet or those that are simply curious about the physiological effects of extreme environments.”
Captain Scott Kelly
NASA Astronaut, Commander ISS (Retd U.S. Navy)

About the Author, Doc.M

Dr. Marcus Ranney’s journey has led him from disease care, at the patient’s bed-side, to wellbeing, in some of the most extreme environments around the planet. Graduating from University College of London Medical School (UCL), his research has taken him to Mt. Everest, the Arctic Circle and the Alps. He has worked with fighter pilots whilst in the Royal Airforce and with astronauts whilst at NASA. Leaving the world of clinical medicine in 2010, his work now looks at the role of wellbeing in society and how technology can be crafted as a force for good. A keynote speaker and global health commentator, he has been a World Economic Forum’s Global Shaper, and more recently, appointed as a Senior Fellow to the Atlantic Council. Marcus is a keen athlete and long-distance marathon runner, also holding a Guinness Record for backwards running, and he most of all describes himself as a young hands-on father intent on making this world a better place for his two children.